Ready to Get Started Building Your Business?

Ready to Get Started Building Your Business?

Behind the Scenes of a $10 Million Painting Company

I'll Show You How We Did it, And How You Can Do it Too

Even if you don't want to build a $10 Million dollar company, we can probably agree on a couple of things that you do want.

First, I Can Bet You Want Financial Abundance

I've asked a lot of people over the years why they started a business.

It almost always comes down to the same answer:

"I want to be able to provide a good life for ________"

That blank can be filled with any number of things.

Your family

Your significant other


It doesn't really matter WHO you're building a life for - fact is, you want  to provide a high quality life for someone or something that's really important to you.

That requires Financial Abundance

Or having more money than you actually need.

There's something else baked into that picture though...

Your vision of success probably doesn't involve you working 60, 70, 80 hour weeks.

I bet your original motivation for starting a business didn't even require you to work 40 hours a week.

You Also Want Freedom

But then somewhere along the line you started making compromises with yourself.

You started telling yourself "Oh I'll just put in a lot of hours now so I can really enjoy life later."

Or "I can live with a moderate salary for now - at least I own my own business"

Or if you're considering starting a painting business, you've accepted the idea that sacrifices will have to be made in the early stages - it will get better later on though.


The issue with this kind of hopeful thinking is that it rarely sets you up for what you really need to do.

What's worse is that you'll end up abandoning the thing you originally sought out to do..

Build a Company People Love...

And  by "people", I mean everyone.
  • Your customers love you for the exceptional experience you deliver in a market saturated by contractors who deliver the bare minimum. They're blown away by working with you.
  • Your team members love working with you because they're compensated well, and they aren't overworked. They feel appreciated & that they make an impact, all while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.
  • YOU own a business that you're proud of, well-rewarded for, and are excited to work on. You're dignified by the work you do. 
If this seems like a lot to ask for, that's because a business like this simply isn't the "norm." 

Especially not in this industry.

Contractors are some of the first to tout their long work weeks as a badge of honor.

They almost willingly trade their lives for a paycheck that they write themselves.

They're happy to "own a job."

These are the kinds of people I'm looking to help:
People who see business as a tool to obtain the financial abundance & freedom of time they want, but also understand there are no shortcuts.
People who understand the value of mastering their craft by relentlessly working on improving themselves & how they operate.
People who believe that investing in personal development is one of the easiest ways to skip years of "learning things the hard way"
I'll go ahead and tell you that none of what I'm about to show you is easy...

But it's worth it if you're willing to put in the time of mastering "being a business owner."

Before We Go Any Further - Let Me Actually Introduce Myself

After All, Who am I to be Talking About This Stuff Anyways?

I'm Eric Barstow & I've been in the painting business for 17 years, teaching people how to build a company. 

For the first six years, I worked at a College painting company. We hired College students and mentored them to running their own painting branch. 

Over the spring and summer, they would knock doors, get their own leads, do their own estimates, sell their own jobs, hire and train their own painters and earn profit. 

I trained over 100 College students over five years. I was an intern the first year, and then I was a mentor for five years. 

So I trained over 100 College students over five years while I was in school, getting my degree in economics and business.

Over that time, we did two and a half million dollars in sales. I got out of school in 2010 and turned down a great job offer.

It was for six figures plus ownership in a company that had a great track record.

The catch?

 I'd have to work 60 hours a week...

So I promptly turned it down and started my painting company, Foothills Painting.

In 2013, I started Painting Business Pro to teach people how to start and build a painting business.

I did this because I saw this industry as a way for people to create freedom while earning a great living...

All while building something they could be proud of.

At the time, Foothills Painting was doing about $650k a year - earning me 6-figures while I was working about 10 hours a week coaching my team.

Fast Forward to Today... My Painting Company is Doing Over $10 million a year (with profit margins way above the industry average)
Our team members all make over industry average.

None of them are overworked.

They have employment benefits, unlimited time off, and plenty of career growth opportunities.

They love the people they work with & the culture we have as a company.

They call themselves a family.

Our customers love us, and we have an incredible reputation as we paint over 2000 houses per year.

Our subcontractors and painters love working with us.

This isn't just talk.

Our attrition rate is practically zero.

People don't want to quit.

This is what I mean when I say "creating a company people love."

But we aren't perfect...
We're Constantly Striving to Be Better...
We see a lot of ways to keep improving.

We're deeply committed to building a company that people love at our own business.

I'm not blowing smoke.

I'm not a retired painting contractor who is now coaching others.

I'm in the trenches... leading the way with exactly what I'm explaining here.

I also carry a strong track record with my members.

Their success is my résumé

Dozens - maybe hundreds of my members have reached over a million dollars in annual revenue in their painting business.

I can't keep track of every single person we have in the program... there's over 2000 people who have gone through it... and we've got many more people who are well on their way to building  incredibly successful businesses.

I love coaching.

I'm great at it, and my mission at Painting Business Pro is that "People are Free, Discover What's Possible, and Build a Company People Love."

Painting Business Pro is Recognized by Industry Experts

“Eric Barstow has spoken at PCA's annual EXPO and has appeared on the Paint ED Podcast, and we couldn't be happier with the results. I found Eric in my research into education providers in the painting industry, and it is abundantly clear that Eric is an effective and engaging educator. Eric speaks boldly and simply about the changes he has made in his companies which have catapulted him to growth and influence, and he willingly shares the lessons--both good and bad--he has learned along the way. I don't ever feel the 'sale' in Eric's style of presentation, and the outcomes of his strategies speak for themselves. He is demonstrably successful, and he invests in the success of his fellow painting contractors. Our industry is better for leaders like him.”

- CHRIS SHANK, Director of Education, Painting Contractors Association 

"Eric has created an amazing compilation of processes and information that is a must-see for anyone breaking into painting, or those who need a fresh take on how it can be done! I've seen his courses provide immense value to seasoned professionals, as well as launch someone into the business from the ground-up. His straight-talk style, years of industry experience, and insight make everything easy to understand and actionable! Every time we talk I'm impressed by Eric's drive to keep learning and share that knowledge with others. We're thrilled to be partners in the quest to elevate the painting industry!"

- MORGAN RAY, Chief Operating Officer, Bookkeeping for Painters

"Eric is truly passionate about helping others. He goes above and beyond to serve his industry and his clients. Everytime I meet with Eric I learn something new and I am motivated to work on growing my business. I would definitely recommend working with Eric and his team. Randy J. Brothers"

- RANDY J. BROTHERS, Founder, The Roofing Academy 

"Eric is a true champion of the industry. He is one of the rare thought leaders in the painting space who has the knowledge and passion to get results quickly. His down to earth strategies and humble attitude make him an effective leader and I would recommend him to anyone looking to bring their painting company to the next level."

- DANNY KERR, Founder and Director of Sales, Breakthrough Academy 

I Want to Let You in on a Little Secret

Owning a Business That "Checks all the Boxes" Requires Building a Team

Without a team, you’ll lack the complete freedom and control of your calendar and life that business can provide.

And without a team, the financial upside is limited.

By team, we’re referring to project managers, estimators, and office staff.

Building a Team is Necessary Because There's Only ONE You... 
And you can't multiply the value of your business or quality of your life by putting in more hours.

You could always put in fewer hours, but that's at the expense of your finances.

We're also not in the game of sacrificing anything. 

You can have it all

How to Build a Team of "A Players"

There are 4 primary skills to master here.

#1 - Creating a Powerful Offer to Attract A Players

This is what you are offering to a potential employee or team member. It goes beyond the basics of compensation and benefits.

People are dynamic and care about more than just a paycheck. They care about the culture they are a part of, the values of a company, their career growth opportunities, the training and support they’ll receive, as well as the basic compensation package.

What you offer attracts certain people. If you want to build a great company, you need A players.

If you want A players, you need to make an offer that attracts A players.

#2 - Recruiting and Selecting A Players

In an interview process, everyone is going to try to say “the right things” in an interview.

You need to learn how to screen people, what to look for, who to eliminate, red flags to look for, how to interview and ask questions that aren’t easy to answer.

Someone who isn’t great at recruiting will get ‘sold’ on applicants who are really not the right fit.

When you end up hiring the wrong people, they end up being B players. They don’t end up working out. Turnover happens.

Now you’re back to square 1, recruiting again.

Without developing this skill, people end up with a revolving door of employees.

Designing a Powerful Job Offer

 A powerful job offer is how we attract high performing people. 

You've got to attract great people. Part of that is the compensation package with the base pay, the bonuses and commissions, benefits, health insurance, stipends vehicles, all the whole compensation package, but also what's it like to work with you. 

How much training and support do they have? Who are the other people they work with? What's the culture like? Do they have future growth and career opportunities?

An Effective Recruiting Process

An effective hiring process is crucial.

If your job offer is powerful enough, you'll be inundated with applicants.

Sifting through and finding the one that matches your company's mission AND culture helps guarantee that you won't be wasting your time and resources.

Remember, your team members are both investments and ambassadors of the business you're building. 

You can't shortcut this part of the process.
#3 - Onboarding and Training

A Players want and expect professionalism and thorough training.

Very few organizations provide even mediocre training. If you want great people to stick around and perform well, it’s your job that they are successful early.

TO be successful, they’ll need training.

Without having a strong training program in place, people will underperform.

When they underperform, they don’t hit performance bonuses and don’t hit their income goals.

This also leads to turnover.

It can also lead to breakdowns and problems which require the owner to be more involved. This leads to frustration and tension in relationships.

If you can get the offer right and attract the right person… And you can select the right people…

You don’t want to mess up at this stage. This is a necessary skill to master.

#4 - Managing and Developing People

A Players don’t want to be stagnant. They want to grow. They don’t want to sit in the same position, making the same money, doing the same thing for a long time.
They want to grow.

IN order for people to grow in an organization, they need to develop their skill set.
They need a coach.

Anyone who is going to perform at a high level needs a coach.

You’re the coach!

If you can’t develop and facilitate the growth of your team, it will be hard to grow your organization.

And ultimately, if they can’t grow here, some of your best people will end up leaving in search of somewhere they can grow.

These are the 4 critical skills to master to be great at building teams, which is necessary for fulfilling the goals of building a business.

Onboarding & Training Your Team

 How you train and develop someone to perform will really make the difference in how your business develops.

Remember - adding on team members is a lengthy and resource heavy investment.

Providing "bare minimum" training to that investment isn't fair to them or your business.

Managing & Developing Your Team

How am I going to manage people? How am I going to develop people? How am I going to make sure they stick around and thrive in my company?

Your team members should receive regular feedback from you so they can perform at their best as your business evolves. This is part of building a company people love.

You Need a Solid Foundation Before You Build a Team of "A Players"

You need rock solid business systems for 2 main reasons.

First, you need a project manager to produce a lot of value for your company in order to offer them competitive compensation… 

This is a requirement for recruiting great people.

The same is true for every other position.

How we reliably produce great results is with our systems. This is also how you maintain an excellent customer experience.

You need to be able to produce excellent results yourself, and you need documented systems.

Second, you need systems to train people.

Without systems, how are you going to train someone to produce amazing results?

So let’s look at the necessary skills and systems you need to develop in the foundation of your company.

Remember, without these… building a high performing team is extremely difficult and unlikely to happen.

So What Are The Systems & Skills You Need to Develop

#1 - Business planning, strategy, and organization

A great business owner knows their numbers. This is how you build compensation plans, this is how you set expectations, this is how you create benchmarks for performance.

This is how you track your numbers and know where you need to improve.

#2 - Marketing and attracting clients

For your team in the future to produce great results and earn great money means you have a lot of customers.

A sales rep needs to have a lot of opportunities to make sales.

Your project manager needs a lot of clients to take care of.

This all starts with marketing and driving a consistent stream of high quality customers.

#3 - Estimating: accurate and consistent

Your estimating process needs to get the same results every single time.

Your pricing model needs to include all of the expenses of building your buisness now and in the future… including all overhead, marketing, salaries, bonuses, insurance, office, etc…

While leaving you a healthy profit margin.

Hint: If you’re going to build an incredible company, you can’t be one of the lowest priced contractors.

Which brings us to our next skill to develop.

#4 - Professional Sales Process

This is how you win clients without being the lowest price. This is how you compete and win against competition who IS willing to lower their price to win the job.

This is one of the most critical skills to learn, and some people spend their life mastering sales.

#5 - Project Management

This is how we deliver on our promises to clients and deliver an exceptional experience… At scale.

It’s easy to deliver an outstanding experience if I’m serving one or two clients a week.
But in order to do that for 6-10 customers per week, you need to be very good at what you do.

You need to have good processes in place for keeping clients up to date, for recruiting great painters, developing great relationships with painters, dealing with problems that come up.

There is a lot of detail here.

#6 - Admin, tech stack, and tracking

This is how you’ll keep track of all leads, estimates, customers, and their experience as they go through each step in the process.

This is where we keep track of all of our business information and customer information to make sure people have a great experience and we always know what’s going on with all clients.

This is fundamental and necessary to have in place before building a team.

Becoming a Master of These Skills Isn't Easy

The reality is very few painting contractors ever build a business that gets to a million dollars a year.

Why? It’s simple.

Because most business owners get caught up in the “doing” and “busy-ness” of running a company and don’t dedicate enough time to building and developing the skills needed to succeed.

The golfers that are at the top of their game are the ones who dedicate the most time to mastering the skills they need to master.

Business is no different.

So then how do you master these skills?

We do it in multiple ways.

First, you need benchmarks. How do you know you have sufficiently mastered each of these foundational skills before bringing on any team members?

Your benchmarks are your guide for your own development.

Second, you and your team have to have access to training opportunities so they can consistently improve.

As the leader of your own company, you need to become a coach to your team.

There are a couple of ways to do that.

#1 You Could Learn it "The Hard Way"

Plenty of people have done it before you - so why not?

Fact is, learning things the hard way takes time.

In my experience it takes years to learn how to master being a business owner - and that's if you're always practicing.

It's also expensive.

Think about all of the money you'll waste hiring the wrong team members, or failing to deliver on a job, or pricing a job incorrectly, or losing jobs because your sales system isn't up to par.

Mistakes in this business are expensive.

I've spent hundreds of thousands of dollars learning from my mistakes.

So learning it the "The Hard Way" isn't terribly attractive.

#2 You Could Get a Coach

Frankly, it blows my mind that so many people don't see the value in investing in themselves.

In one hand, you have people paying small fortunes to go to school and get a job.

But business owners everywhere view it as a "last resort" to get a mentor.

Even though a mentor can be vastly less expensive than a traditional education, AND it can pay you back in a very direct way.

You see, coaches have been where you're standing right now.

They may or may not have had other people to turn to as mentors, but one way or another they've figured out how to do exactly what you're trying to do.

They've spent the hours, days, months, even years becoming masters of the craft or trade that you're trying to master.

They know what it takes to succeed and thrive.

I can say this because I've invested over $200,000 in personal coaching for myself.

I'm always looking for ways to improve my business, and I accomplish that by hiring people who have done what I'm trying to do right now.

I'm a huge proponent of seeking help from experts when I want to develop myself or my business, as I firmly believe it's the easiest way to catapult my progress forward years at a time.

So I'm Really Excited to Share With You What I've Been Building for the Past Decade

This is the culmination of everything I've developed during my career in the industry.

The Ultimate Intention of This Program is That You Are Free, Discover What's Possible & Build a Company People Love

You build a company people love, and you discover what's possible. I know from my own journey over the last seventeen years that you are capable of way more than you realize. And all it takes is a little bit of learning. 

… No matter how much experience you have in business

… No matter how big your market is or how small it is

… No matter the competition you face

… No matter how the economy is doing

You can build an awesome company that people love and that you're proud to be running.

There's a couple of things I want to clear up. 

Yes, it's not easy. 

And yes, it will take time. But also, it's really pretty simple if you have a roadmap and a plan and a process that you're following.

The key to why this system works is it’s based on proven business principles…

… principles that have been tweaked, tuned, and improved for over 15+ years of trial and error.

… these are the exact principles and processes we follow in our own painting companies which do over $10M in revenue this year.

… and the same process we follow whenever we start new companies.

There are 5 main parts to this system.

1. Build a Business Plan & Strategy

2. Estimating and Getting Your Pricing Righ

3. Marketing & Attracting Potential Clients (even if you’re a brand new company)

4. Sell, Sell, Sell: How to Outsell Competitors (easier than you think)

5. Production & How to Deliver for Your Customers: Finding Experienced, Qualified Painters

Yes! I Want To Create a No-Brainer 2nd Stream of Income With The Painting Business Pro Business Systems

Yes! I'm Ready to Use the Painting Business Pro Business Systems to Start My Business!

But Now Is The Time To ACT

There is no guarantee this course will be here forever. And there is no guarantee the price won’t go up.

This course is updated 1-2x per year - so you know you are getting “the good stuff”.

But whenever I update it, I HAVE to raise the price of the course…

… You can understand - I can’t give away everything for free.

Don’t go another day wondering 'what if?'

That’s all I have for you. The choice is yours!

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you on the other side so we can add one more success story to the list.
I believe in you.
I know you have everything you need to build a great business - you’re just missing a good system.
We got your back!

So let’s look at each part of this system in detail right now…  

That way you understand exactly what you are getting with the Painting Business Pro Business Training Program ™  

It took me years to build a great business plan.

But for you it won’t take more than a couple hours… and will immediately improve your business.

Because I’ve made it dead simple for you to create a perfect business plan…

→ Your whole business works together, so it needs to be planned together!

→Know exactly what targets you need to hit each week including...

→Marketing Targets: How much you’ll spend on marketing and how many leads you need to generate

→Sales Targets: How many estimates you’ll do, jobs you’ll sell, and total sales

→Production Targets: How many jobs and how much revenue you produce each week

Financials: Mapping out your gross profit, marketing costs, insurance costs, and other business expenses so you know how much money you’ll make before you start

And once you build this business plan, it only takes a few minutes each week to update.

… So the moment you “fall off track” you know… and you can do something about it!

→ Falling behind in marketing? Time to increase your marketing.

→ Profit on jobs is a little low? Might need to raise prices or adjust how you pay people.

→ Sales slowing down? Time to work on improving your sales process.
Knowing your numbers in your business is critical.

You can create the perfect business plan in just a few minutes…

1.  Watch the video where I create a sample business plan.

2. Take the template I’ve provided you and simply fill it in!

This one thing will put you ahead of 95% of the other contractors already in business.

I’m also going to teach you…

Business strategy and the “3 phases to growing your business” including...

→ How to know when it’s time to hire someone (and how to do it)

→ Who you should hire first, second, and third like a (salesperson, project manager, etc)

→ How to build your “Org Structure”

Understanding key metrics and benchmarks for your business like…

→ What should your sales rate be?

→ How much is too much to spend on marketing? (and what is not enough?)

→ If you get 10 leads, how many estimates should you do?

→ What should your profit margins be?

… And more…

Most business owners have the wrong expectations for what those numbers should be… So they end up making bad decisions or focusing on the wrong thing.

This one module is worth the price of the entire program and took me YEARS to figure out...

And once I did, my business grew so much faster and so will yours.

Charging the right price is SO IMPORTANT.

But the “right” price depends on your goals, your business plan, and what stage your business is.

… NOT “what the customer will pay”. Customers don’t set your price. YOU DO.

Understanding Estimating, Your Price, and Your Profit

→ How does your price fit into your overall business plan and business model?

→ How do you come up with the “right” price for your business plan?

→ Pricing is NOT about “winning the job”... That’s what your sales process is for.

Estimating Forms and System

I’ll share with you the exact estimating forms our company has used since Day 1… And we still use to this day.

This is how we train all of our new sales reps, and always have…

It’s how we come up with the right prices, consistently, time and time again…

And make sure we are hitting our goals on our business plan.

→ Learn how to adjust your estimating formulas so you can always keep improving your pricing. 

→ Discover different estimating software or apps you can use to help get the right prices every time

When you have a lot of customers who want estimates from you, you are IN DEMAND.

… And it’s easier than you think to attract clients even if you’re a brand new business.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this section…

→ The huge marketing mistake most contractors make that costs tens of thousands of dollars in lost profit.

→ The 4 key marketing strategies our company used to grow to over $5.8 million in revenue (yes, only 4)

→ How you can instantly start bringing in more customers… as early as this afternoon… With almost NO effort on your part.

→ Why relying on ONLY word of mouth is a fatal mistake.

→ And if you do get a lot of word of mouth, why spending money on marketing is even MORE valuable for you...

→ See exactly how my company has become #1 in our market (and how you can too)

These are dead-simple marketing strategies that are guaranteed to work if you apply them.

Marketing is the key to your whole business.

If you are only getting 2 potential customers per week… The most customers you can possibly get per week is 2.

The better you get at attracting potential clients, the more jobs you will win, and the more money you will make.

You. Can. Not. Sell. Jobs. Based. On. Price.

So how do you sell a lot of jobs without being the lowest price?

The answer is a professionally crafted sales process. Which is exactly what you’re going to learn in this section…

→ How to sell first jobs without credibility (I trained hundreds of college students to do this…)

→ The 4 reasons people buy (if you miss ONE of these, you can’t book the job)

→ How using something called the “Need Satisfaction Selling Cycle” hits on all 4 of the reasons people buy

→ The “Initial Call Script” that puts you ahead of the competition from your very first contact with your customer.

→ How to use “Pre Closes” to put your customers in a BUYING state of mind (They start off in a window-shopping state of mind)

→ Learn Personality Selling… and why you “click” with some people but don’t with others… And why you NEED to “click” with someone for them to buy from you.

→ How to win more jobs on a “call back” by improving your close and handling objections

→ What “price anchoring” is and how to do it without being obvious (This is very important!)

And, most importantly…

...How to do all of this without being a high pressure salesperson…
But instead, provide an amazing experience to your customers.

I straight COPIED our entire sales process and put it in the course…

1. The entire sales process overview - see every single step and why it’s important.

2. The Initial phone call to schedule the estimate… and confirmation call (and why it matters)

3. The Q&A

4. The Walk Around

5. The Pre Closes

6. The Close

7. How to Follow Up (for those people who drag their feet)

You’ll get every single script, every single document…

Use this for yourself or to train your sales team.

This process is how you can sell your jobs for more money and win jobs even if you are higher than your competitors. We do this all the time!

How do you deliver a high quality paint job, consistently, without being a babysitter or micro manager?

Or even better… without being a good painter yourself? (I’m an awful painter)

That’s what this section of the course is all about…

If you’re going to run a great business, you need to have great people you can trust. And a system for delivering a high quality product to your clients.

→ Pros and Cons of using employees vs subcontractors so you can make the best decision for your business  (Hint: Subcontracting is better in almost every way for a new business.)

→ The MYTHS about subcontracting and how subcontracting is an AMAZING option (It’s how most of the top companies operate and almost all of the big franchises….)

→ The system we use to stay organized with all of our clients cut down on time and keep clients up-to-date

→ How our project managers oversee $1.2-$1.5 million of jobs per year while delivering great quality jobs, creating happy customers, getting positive reviews, and driving referrals.

→ How our project managers oversee $1.2-$1.5 million of work per year while delivering great quality jobs, creating happy customers, getting reviews, and referrals. 

→ How to recruit, find, and manage great subcontractors or employees

→ How to guarantee your profit margins… And how to do it whether you use subcontractors or employees (this is critical!)

→ How to immediately cut down your “job site” time, so you can focus on running your business

Bottom Line: A lot of time gets wasted babysitting, micro managing, and reacting (putting out fires) in this part of the business.

What if you could have crews you trust?

What if all you need to do is meet them at the beginning of the job and they take it from there?

What if you had people who could deliver high quality work for you without you lifting a finger?

All you need to do is show up at the beginning and then show up at the end… And customers were happy?

This is how our project managers produce $1.5 million in business while maintaining a GREAT reputation.

And that’s what I’ll teach you in this section.

Advice for Startups and New Companies
→Everything you need for a new business is covered here

→Including the technical knowledge you’ll need to be able to get started

→And how to keep gaining technical knowledge as you expand

→How to win your first jobs and build credibility

Contracts: For Homeowners and Subcontractors

→The simple (yet effective) contracts we use with customers

→The subcontractor agreement we use anytime we work with someone new

Introduction to Team Building

→When is the right time to hire?

→Who should you hire?

→How do you hire?


→Choosing a Good Accountant

→Automatically Updating Your Master Business Plan

Insurance, Workers Comp, and Licensing

→How one mistake with our insurance policy cost us $20,000 when a house caught on fire

→How to save thousands on your workers compensation policy

Sounds Great… But You Could Do All Of This On Your Own… Right?

Let me shoot straight with you…

100% you can. 

In fact, that's the intention I had in designing this whole thing

You actually do have the roadmap. 

I've done it on my own. Of course you can, too. 

The reason I have this program is because I know I can save you probably four or five years in the lessons you're going to learn specifically done with the team building.

When you're making mistakes with building teams, it's like six-month long mistakes.

You hire the wrong person, you train them, you work with them for a while, and sometimes the mistakes last even longer, and then you're back to square one. 

But before you go to square one, you'll likely want to improve your system. 

There's so many more challenges you're going to run into than you can possibly imagine. 

I still am. I'm still striving to try to make things better. 

So, yes, you could do it on your own. 

But it's just going to take you years longer. 

You're getting shotgunned three to five years ahead when you just followmy methods for:

- Sales
- Marketing
- Production
- Hiring & Recruiting
- Building Your Offer
- etc.

On top of that you'll be receiving ongoing support from me & hundreds of members in our private group.

It's the hundreds or thousands of hours we've put into learning and failing. 

It's the probably $150 to $200,000 I've spent on my own coaching and consulting

Even though you might be able to do this on your own, you're not going to do it on your own in a room in silence. 

You're going to learn sales from someone. 

You're going to learn how to organize your financials and your business from someone.

You're going to learn how to lead other people really effectively from someone. And the reality is that the best information and training out there isn't free. 

There's a lot of people who provide a lot of free information, but the free stuff is always a lot harder to learn. 

The best stuff out there is being taught by coaches and Masters and experts. 

And that's where I've learned all my best lessons for business. So even if you do do it on your own, chances are to learn all these different lessons. 

You're going to have to go and learn a bunch of different lessons from a bunch of different people, just like I did. 

So what I can do is say:

"Hey, I'm already in your industry." 

"I've already built a painting company at 10 million a year."

"I've already built the systems."

"I've already hired that coach."

That coach, that coach, that coach, that coach, that coach, that consultant. 

"I've already invested that time, invested that money." 

"These four were not very helpful."

"These four were game changing."

I've already taken the lessons from them, baked it into the training and am giving it to you. 

I've already distilled so much of what you would ultimately do on your own to get to the same outcome.

If you're concerned about how "difficult" this can be.

You're right.

But think about this...

You're building a vehicle that will take you where you want to go.

And in return you'll have:

- Financial Abundance
- Freedom of Time
- A Company That You Can Be Proud of That People Love

That's totally worth building.

In fact, when you do this process the right way, it can be a lot easier than the way most people are running businesses these days.

Because we're not here to help you "fit in" with the average business owner.

I'll say it again... That is not the game we're playing here

We don't want you to work long weeks and pay yourself a mediocre wage.

We want you to have it all.

And we know how to help you get there.

You might be wondering… Why do I do this? Why would I give away my company’s secrets and everything we have worked so hard to build?

And that would be a fair thing to wonder.

Fact is, I love coaching people.

I'm good at it, so I do it a lot.

More importantly, I've seen the impact Painting Business Pro has had on thousands of contractors and business owners across the world.

The results are staggering - and in truth, humbling.

When I first started Painting Business Pro, I was really just trying to see if I could make a couple thousand dollars a month without adding on a bunch of work to my schedule.

Then it started to grow.

I saw it had potential.

And it kept growing. 

100 members became a few hundred.

A few hundred became a thousand.

And last year we passed over 2500 members in the PBP Training Program.

But the number of members that I have isn't why I do this.

Sometime last year I started looking at what we've built at PBP.

And I realized - there's something here much bigger than making some extra money each month.

I started looking through some of the stories our members have.

Here's what I found... over and over again

People whose lives have changed.

Their businesses grew.

The quality of their lives improved.

We have members who are in their mid 20's living in nice houses with their mortgages paid in full.

Some of our members are fulfilling lifelong dreams and paying off their parents' debts.

They're taking vacations several times a year...

They're building companies that pay their team more than the industry average... with a focus on company culture and cultivating growth and opportunities.

And there's still more that I can do for them.

Late in 2021 was the first time I took a step back and realized that we have a chance to really make a difference in the way people build their business & design their lives to be what they want.

People are free, discover what’s possible, and build a company people love.

That's really what I believe.

And I think a thriving business in the painting industry is the perfect vehicle to show people what's possible for them.

There's a Lot More Coming

The PBP Training Program is already full of REALLY high quality training modules that I've designed & updated over the years.

But we're still doing more to design & build our membership.

We're already in the process of building:

  • Self-led Mastermind Groups
  • Live, Member-Only Events 
  • Tech Stack Solutions for Every One of Your Business Needs
  • ​Updated Team Building Training Modules

This program is designed to be everything you need to accomplish the whole roadmap of building your business over a 3-5 year period.

You're going to also start to discover what's possible.

You'll find what you're capable of & see whole new adventures for your business (and any other business ventures you might take).

I'm just really fortunate because I've had the chance to work with tons and tons of coaches in the past developing my own business to where it is today.

Here's What Happens When You Sign Up

You'll receive an email within 10 minutes of registering.

In that email you'll get instructions on how to get access to all of the training modules.

Once you create your member profile you'll get access to:

  • All of the videos
  • The full business plan & roadmap
  • Every system we've built
  • Private webinar/coaching recordings
  • ​Downloadable documents for every lesson in the course
  • ​Private members-only Facebook group

So How Do You Use This Course?

We have our lessons in arranged in the order you should use them.

So you'll see lessons instructing you on how to organize your priorities or "Design Your Life."

You'll be given a roadmap and business plan that you'll need to fill out.

We provide video lessons on how to use every document and template in the program.

All you need to do is "make a copy" for yourself and fill them out.

In the coming weeks, our "Success Manager" will reach out to you to make sure you have everything you need.

Remember, the game is "mastery" of every aspect of this business.

And we're making it our promise to help you accomplish that - which is why you'll always have access to the materials as long as you're a member.

On top of that, you'll have 4 live webinars a month for members where you can ask questions and get personal coaching from me or my business partner Shane.

This program is designed to be everything you need to accomplish the whole roadmap of building your business over a 3-5 year period.

You're going to also start to discover what's possible.

You'll find what you're capable of & see whole new adventures for your business (and any other business ventures you might take).

I'm just really fortunate because I've had the chance to work with tons and tons of coaches in the past developing my own business to where it is today.

Now is the time to act before the price goes up again…

Over the last few years I’ve been making changes and updates to the course 1-2x every year.

We’re constantly working on improving our own businesses (because I practice what I preach).

And I pass a lot of those lessons on to you by adding them to the course.

But I can’t just give away everything for free. We spend tens of thousands of dollars building our systems, making mistakes, trying things that don’t work…

So when I update the course, I have to raise the price of the course.

And if you’re already a member, you get those updates for free.

So… A Fair Warning: This price can go up at any time… and probably will.

Don’t Play "What If?" With Your Business

Find Out What You're Really Capable Of

That’s all I have for you. The choice is yours!

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you on the other side so we can add one more success story to the list.
I believe in you.
I know you have everything you need to build a great business - you’re just missing a good system.
We got your back!

Yes! I Want To Create a No-Brainer 2nd Stream of Income With The Painting Business Pro Business Systems

Yes! I'm Ready to Use the Painting Business Pro Business Systems to Start My Business!

But Now Is The Time To ACT

There is no guarantee this course will be here forever. And there is no guarantee the price won’t go up.

This course is updated 1-2x per year - so you know you are getting “the good stuff”.

But whenever I update it, I HAVE to raise the price of the course…

… You can understand - I can’t give away everything for free.

Don’t go another day wondering 'what if?'

That’s all I have for you. The choice is yours!

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you on the other side so we can add one more success story to the list.
I believe in you.
I know you have everything you need to build a great business - you’re just missing a good system.
We got your back!

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